For Sudden illness

When you are sick, call to your Home Doctor and get advice. Anytime you had better talk about your health with your Home Doctor.

If Your Home Doctor is unavailable

Please call the Holiday and Nighttime Clinic


Nighttime: Monday-Friday (19:00-22:00)
Saturday,sunday and National Holiday (18:00-22:00)

For Sudden illness (except injury)

The Holiday and Nighttime Clinic


Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Holidays Sunday, National Holiday,
December 29-31 and January 1-3
Time 8:30-11:30 / 13:00-15:30
Holidays Internal Medicine Pediatrics

* Please reffer to monthly public news "Odawara"
issued by Odawara-shi or call at 47-0823.

If you want to know the hospital available after 22:00

Please call the Fire Department